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7 Best Free Online Photo Editors to Enhance your Images

free online photo editors

Are you looking for free online photo editors to design your images?

If you just answered “Yes” to the above question then keep reading this blog post.

You have probably heard the saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”

Images have the power to convey messages in a way words may never be able to.

Why are Images important for online businesses?

They are a critical element of your online success especially as a website owner.

You will be able to easily grab your reader’s attention if you incorporate high quality images in your blog posts.

For instance, many people find a blog post tutorial easier to read and comprehend if images are incorporated throughout the entire tutorial.

This way your audience can easily follow the steps as described in your blog post tutorial.

Here’s a descriptive example of a blog post tutorial with very illustrative images.

create website

Images are a very important part of growing your online business be it a YouTube channel or blog.

On platforms like YouTube, viewers see your video thumbnail first before they decide whether to click through to your video or continue browsing to your competitor’s videos.

We are basically visual beings and usually find images easier to understand compared to thousands of words.

This is one of the reasons infographics are so popular around the world.

Infographics are also very important for branding especially if you have an online presence on visual search engines like Pinterest.

Your readers will be able to easily identify your work and products just by looking at your images.

Pinterest is a very powerful tool for growing traffic for websites and online businesses.

If you haven’t yet joined Pinterest yet, you should do so as soon as possible.

Images can also help drive quality targeted traffic to your website if optimized well.


This is one of my favourite free online photo editors.

GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is without doubt one of the best free online photo editors with a variety of premium image enhancing tools.

It offers advanced editing tools and cross platform support.

GIMP is free of annoying and which makes photo editing nor only fun but also a lot easier.

It however does have a steep learning curve so if you are much of the designer, you might want to try easier online photo editors like Pixl X.

With GIMP, you can easily remove flaws with the outstanding clone stamp and healing tools.

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It also allows users to apply perspective changes and also apply changes to isolated areas with the smart selection tools.

Being an open source free photo editor, it has a huge collection of plugins to extend its functionalities even further tanks to its community of users and developers that are always adding new features.

You can also install and sue Photoshop plugins as well to further extend its utility.

2. Canva

Canva is one of the best online photo editors that you can use today.

I have personally used it to design much of the images I use on my website.

If you use Pinterest to drive massive traffic to your website, then I would recommend Canva as the best online photo editor to design beautiful pins that get clicks.

Although you can use Canva as a free online photo editor, it also comes with a paid plan that offers more customization.

The free plan will offer a great number of tools and templates that you can readily use to optimize and transform your pictures and designs.

It is worth noting that though the free plan offers a great deal when it comes to design templates, the majority of the tools and templates are locked away in the paid plan.

Once you sign up for the free plan, you will get 1 GB free cloud storage for your snaps and designs, 8000 templates that you can use for your projects as well as two folders to keep you organized.

Though Canva doesn’t offer advanced tools like clone brushes and smart selectors, you will find a set of handy sliders for applying tints, vignette effects, sharpening, adjusting brightness, saturation and contrast among other features.

You’ll also have access to intuitive text editing tools and a great selection of backgrounds and graphics for your designs.

And the best part is that it also has an available mobile app that allows you to make great designs within your phone.

If you are looking for a great free online photo editor to turn your favourite snaps into cards, posters, invitations and social media posts, then Canva is the online photo editor for you.

All Canva Plans

Free Canva plan

Canva Pro $9.95/month

The Canva Enterprise Plan $30/month

3. Pixl X

Pixl X is one of the few free online photo editors that offers a great variety of features for its users.

Although it’s still in active development and some of its features are still in beta, Pixl X offers a quick way to fine tune photos.

It has a clear interface, supports layers and offers a variety of advanced editing tools.

It is also very easy to use even for beginners to design due to its clean and icon based interface.

This makes design easier since you aren’t bombarded with too many options at once.

It also comes with an extensive selection of filters that are arranged in categories such as colors, retro and lustage (this is a selection of Instagram-style option) as well as a set of pop – art effects.

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Besides making fine changes to colors and saturation, Pixl X allows users to sharpen and blur images, apply vignette effects and frames as well as combine multiple images.

Pixl X uses HTML5 rather Flash and therefore can run on any web browser.

It has a stylish design and also offers a choice of dark or light colour schemes.

Pixl X has a maximum image size of 3,840 pixels.

4. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019

If you are looking to edit a large number of photos in a hurry, then this is the best online photo editor for you.

Ashampoo photo Optimizer 2019 comes with a clean and uncluttered interface.

It is also has no ads running on its interface which makes photo editing easier without having to deal with intrusive ads.

It also makes importing photos into the pool quit easy. Once you have uploaded all the photos into the pool, you can then select several photos at a go to rotate or mirror which will save you lots of valuable time.

It also allows users to make fine manual controls such as making manual colour and exposure corrections with the use of its half a dozen sliders.

Unfortunately, you can’t apply the same colour changes to several photos at once.

5. Fotor

Fotor is also one of the best free online photo editors out there that you can use to make your photos stand out.

It’s very user friendly and also free which makes it a great choice.

It comes with Premium level filters and high resolution options.

It also supports batch image processing.

I would only recommend Fotor if your design needs don’t include the clone brush or healing tool.

These functionalities are currently bot supported.

The free online photo editor also has no plugin which is a shame.

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Fotor is a great option for those with simple design needs.

If you have complicated and large scale design needs, you are better off using Canva or Pixl X for your design needs. They both come with free versions.

Among its features is the foolproof tilt shift tool as well as a raft of vintage and vibrant colour tweaks.

Fotor comes with smart filters that are really shiny, easy photo collage tool and raw file converter.

It supports all the most popular image file formats.

The most outstanding feature of Fotor that you won’t find in other free online photo editors is its batch processing tool.

The batch processing tool allows you to feed a pile of pics and it will filter all of them in one go.

If you have some photos you would like to commit to canvas and hang on your walls then Fotor is the perfect free online photo editor for you.

6. Photo Pos Pro

This is one of the best free online photo editors with advanced photo editing tools packaged in a simple interface.

The free photo editor comes with a smart interface as well as beginner and advanced modes.

Though not so well known and popular compared to the likes of GIMP, the free photo editor’s interface is smarter and more accessible when compared to GIMP’s array of menus and toolbars.

The free photo editor supports RAW files that will most likely appeal to photographers.

It also has a large selection of filters and effects that one can add to the already incredible standard selection of editing tools.

Photo Pos Pro comes with a free and paid plan.

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You can get a free trial of the online photo editor’s premium features for 21 days.

This should be enough time to experiment with all it features so you can decide whether it’s the right fit for you.

Though it has a very steep learning curve and limited file export resolution, Photo Pos Pro is a great online photo editor that you can explore.

7. Photoscape X

This also makes the list of the best free online photo editors on the internet.

Photoscape X is a great choice for managing and editing your personal photo archives.

It comes with a beautiful selection of filters and effects that you can use to make your pictures shine.

Photoscape also allows its users access to over 240 figures, frames, borders and over 1000 patterns to enhance their photos.

It is also among the few exceptional free online photo editors that allow batch processing.

It is a shame that the free online photo editor has somewhat of a clustered interface which can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

Nonetheless, it is a great option for those looking to edit their personal photos especially with the batch processing feature that allows users to add filters and edits to a whole lot of photos in a go.


Finding the best free online photo editor for your needs can be somewhat difficult and exhausting.

I believe you will be able to find a perfect online photo editor that meets your needs from the list above.

Is there any free online photo editor you would like to have added to this list?

What free online photo editor are you using?

Let me know in the comments below.

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How to pay OTT tax on All Networks in Uganda

how to pay ott tax

How can I pay for OTT tax?

This is a common question among Ugandans nowadays ever since the government introduced the social media tax.

The OTT (Over the Top) tax, commonly referred to as the social media tax is a mandatory payment for individuals to access online services such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

The tax, which was introduced on 1 July 2018 by the government of Uganda has been met with a lot of controversy.

Below is the social media tax public notice by MTN, Airtel and Africell.

social media tax joint statement

In this blog post I’ll be sharing how to pay the social media tax (OTT) tax on all networks.

How to pay OTT tax on Lycamobile Uganda

To pay the OTT tax on Lycamobile Uganda simply follow these steps

1. Dial *252#

how to pay ott tax

2. Then select Airtime and Bundles (option 6)

how to pay OTT tax on lycamobile

3. Select Internet Bundles (option 2)

lycamobile uganda data bundles

4. Select Lycamobile (option 3)

how to buy ott on lycamobile using airtime

5. You can then enter your lycamobile number

lycamobile uganda

6. Choose between weekly and monthly OTT (option 4 and 5)

7. You can then proceed and authorize payment with your mobile money pin.

8. Done! You have just paid the OTT tax on lycamobile Uganda.

How to pay OTT tax on Africell

As an Africell customer, you have the option of paying for OTT tax using either MTN Uganda or Airtel Uganda.

For demonstration purposes, I’ll be using MTN to pay social media tax for an Africell number.

Using MTN Uganda to pay OTT for Africell.

1. Dial *165*2*6#and then select the Africell tax option

how to pay ott tax on africell

2. You can then select your preferred OTT tax package ie weekly, monthly or annual.

You can then press Enter.

africell ott payment method

3. Once you have made a selection, confirm the transaction by entering your MTN mobile money pin code.

paying ott tax for africell

You will then receive a confirmation message shortly indicating a successful payment of the OTT tax for Africell.

How to pay social media tax on Airtel Uganda

Simply follow these simple steps to pay the social media tax on Airtel

1. Dial *165*2*5#

How to pay social media tax on Airtel Uganda

2. You’ll the have to select whether to pay for self or to pay for others. Select the option that suits you.

For the case of this tutorial I will be selecting the first option (For self)

airtel ott bundle

3. Select a package of your choice.

You will be able to choose from the daily social media tax of Ugshs 200, the weekly OTT tax of Ugshs 1400 or the monthly OTT tax of Ugshs 6000.

how to borrow ott on airtel

You can also be able to pay for the annual OTT tax.

4. Once you have selected your preferred OTT tax package, you can then confirm the transaction by entering your Airtel Mobile Money pin code and press Enter.

how to check ott balance on airtel

5. You will then receive a message from Airtel Uganda confirming that you have successfully paid for the OTT tax.

How do I pay OTT using Airtel Airtime?

Unfortunately payments for the OTT tax can only be made using Airtel Mobile Money.

How to check OTT balance on Airtel?

To check your OTT balance on Airtel, dial *175*4#

You will then receive a notification showing your current data and OTT balance.

How do I pay OTT on MTN

To pay OTT tax on MTN simply follow these simple steps.

1. Dial *165*2*6*1#

how to pay ott tax for mtn uganda

2. Select the social media package you would like to pay for.

how to pay for ott

You can either select the daily OTT tax (Ugshs 200), weekly OTT tax (Ugshs 1400) or monthly OTT tax (Ugshs 6000).

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You can also opt to pay for the annual OTT tax as well.

For the case of this tutorial I will be going with the option of Ugshs 1400

3. Once you have selected your preferred plan, you can then confirm your payment by entering your MTN Mobile Money Pin code

paying ott tax on mtn

4. You will then receive a confirmation message shortly from MTN Uganda indicating that you have successfully paid for OTT tax.

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How do I pay MTN OTT tax with Airtime?

Unfortunately you can’t pay for OTT tax on MTN using airtime. The OTT tax can only be paid using MTN mobile money.

How to pay OTT tax on Smile Telecom Uganda

At the time of writing this,smile Uganda has committed to paying OTT service tax for all its customers.

Using PayPal in Uganda: 5 Easy Ways to Withdraw PayPal Money in Uganda

withdraw PayPal money in Uganda

I have been contacted by a number of Ugandans who would like to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda.

Unfortunately, PayPal is currently not supported in Uganda.

This has made it extremely difficult for Ugandans to withdraw their PayPal earnings conveniently in Uganda.

Currently, PayPal grants Ugandan users with only sending and receiving rights without withdrawal rights since it is not supported in the country.

This means that as a registered PayPal user in Uganda, you can only receive and send money but can’t withdraw it.

This can be quite frustrating especially if you really need to use then money.

I have personally been freelancing for over 5 years now on platforms such as Fiverr which has allowed me earn money working online.

The truth is I faced challenges Withdrawing my first earned income since most of the platforms I use to make money online only support Paypal payouts.

I however quickly learnt that Safaricom, a telecom company based in Kenya supported PayPal payments.

This was a big relief for me since at that time I was a student at the University in Kenya and was able to easily withdraw all my funds via Mpesa and could even some to my MTN mobile money.

So you may not be residing in Kenya or know anyone there but would like to withdraw your PayPal money very fast.

Don’t worry! I got you covered.

Here are 5 easy ways to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda.

At the moment for you to Withdraw from your PayPal account to your MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money account in Uganda you will have to go through a third party.

These third parties will charge a small fee for each transaction.

I will be looking at some of the most trusted third parties that you can use to make PayPal withdrawals in Uganda.

But first let’s look at the benefits of a PayPal account.

Benefits of a PayPal account

Send / receive payments on e-commerce stores such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba among others.

Buy or sell goods and services

Transfer money from one PayPal account to another

Transfer money from bank to PayPal account and vice-versa

Exchange cash with someone

Make or receive donations for Organizations and Donors

Send money to your friends, family and relative

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Now that we have looked at the benefits of having a PayPal account, let’s dive right into how to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda.

1. Use a friend with a verified account (Preferably in Kenya)

This is in my view the best way to withdraw your PayPal earnings in Uganda.

It is however not without disadvantages.

It is important to use a friend you can trust with your money since they will have full control over your funds.

At the moment PayPal is supported in Kenya and so you can use a friend or relative living in Kenya to withdraw your PayPal money in Uganda.

How it works

You will have to send your PayPal funds to your friend’s PayPal account (He must have a verified PayPal account)

Your friend will then withdraw your funds via the Mpesa-PayPal website directly to his Mpesa.

He can then transfer the funds from his Mpesa account directly to your MTN mobile money account using Mpesa Global.

Note: The funds can only be transferred from Mpesa to an MTN Mobile Money number and not any other network

Complicated as it may sound, this is not only the cheapest way to withdraw money from your PayPal account in Uganda but also the fastest.

It’s what I always use to withdraw my earnings from my affiliate sales on affiliate networks like Shareasale and Bluehost.

I currently offer PayPal withdrawal services for Ugandans looking for how to withdraw PayPal money at an affordable low price.

This is easy for me to do since am currently a Kenyan resident and have a verified PayPal account.

Foe a long time now I have been offering this service for a number of my blogging friends and freelancers based in Uganda for very low prices.

Unlike companies such as Gateway Technologies that will charge you 5% transaction fee, I offer the same services at a transaction fee of only 1% .(The first transaction you make with me is always free of charge regardless of the amount so long as you will be a returning customer).

If you are working on a tight budget, you can still reach out to me and we can agree.

I am interested in helping my audience find solutions that actually work.

For those interested to withdraw their PayPal money in Uganda at an affordable price, feel free to contact me via email here or on WhatsApp (+2568756659026)

If this is somewhat inconvenient for you then please continue reading.

2. Use ePay Swift Uganda to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda

This is one of the most trusted and legitimate 3rd parties that you can use to withdraw money from PayPal in Uganda.

The platform allows you to directly send your PayPal earnings directly to your Mobile Money wallet.

To get started with ePay Swift Uganda, simply register for an account on the ePay website and upload your KYC documents.

These documents which include your ID will ensure your account gets approved fast so ensure that you use legitimate documents.

Once your account is approved you can then link your PayPal account with your new ePay account and start transacting.

It is worth noting that ePay only accepts users to use MTN and Airtel numbers to receive payments from PayPal.

3. PayzUG

This is another website that allows users to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda directly to their mobile money accounts with ease.

Once you sign up for an account, you can then link your PayPal account to your PayzUG account and easily withdraw your PayPal money to MTN mobile money or Airtel Mobile money.

PayzUg also has a live chat on their website which you can sue to get in touch with their customer support if you have any queries about their services.

I totally recommend PayzUg since they perform their transactions in just a number of seconds.

They however have a few limitations that you must know of.

For instance, you can only withdraw a minimum of $30 and a maximum of $600.

This can very disadvantageous for those hoping to withdraw smaller accounts or larger amounts that exceed their maximum withdraw amount.

For those looking to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda without any limitations I would recommend using option one.

5. Gateway Technologies

This is one of the easiest ways to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda.

And the best part is Gateway technologies will complete your transactions in a matter of seconds, making it a very convenient way to withdraw your money on PayPal in Uganda.

The maximum time for a complete transaction is about 15 minutes.

But it could even be less than 10 minutes.

Gateway technologies also supports withdrawals on various platforms such as Skrill and Payoneer to mention but a few.

If you are Ugandan wondering how you can withdraw your bitcoin earnings in Uganda then technologies is the best alternative for you.

They however charge about 5% transaction fee.

They also have a minimum withdraw amount of $100.

This minimum withdraw amount may not be convenient for those looking to withdraw lesser amounts from PayPal.

You can get in touch with them via WhatsApp on (0705 044444 and +256 772 426 323).

You could also reach them on their contact page here.


I have personally taken the trouble to look at the current means through which Ugandans can withdraw PayPal money in Uganda and was quite disappointed by what I found.

Majority of the companies offering PayPal withdrawal services for Ugandans are quite expensive.

I however recommend using a friend with a verified PayPal account who can you can trust with your money.

Your friend (who has a verified PayPal account) can then back the money to you via a supported payment system in Uganda such as MTN mobile money, Airtel mobile money or MoneyGrams.

I have described some of the best ways you can withdraw PayPal money in Uganda and hope you found it useful.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any queries about withdrawing money from PayPal in Uganda.

You can also contact me in case you need help withdrawing your money on PayPal in Uganda.

Also share this blog post with your friends and family who would like to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda.