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After a heated up debate on Twitter about Sheila Gashumba’s infamous brawl with NTV command centre, I scrolled down (browsed) to really understand why several people attacked her. I consider Sheila an outspoken and Dark knight in the Journalism sector, she proudly and rudely unleashed the chaff in her former employer. It is so cynical for an influencer who earns 10k per gig to rudely attack or sandwich a complete pager who ruthlessly and broken, speaks the truth.

Solomon Serwanja on Friday, agitated about the Journalism profession, he spoke about the inequalities in their job.
He furthermore, I quote ” A journalist earns 5k per story…..whilst all the endurance they undergo to record that story”
So is it fair enough for a station to take credit for someone’s hardwork but they are dumped and forgotten?

On the other side of the coin, the tedious efforts for every student to wake up do the daily routines during Primary and Secondary studies shouldn’t be unnoticed. How charismatic a teacher curves the hardest iron into a zealous and an obedient fellow with whispers in the ears that your life will be left asunder if you never heed and grasp content in class. You need to have a retentive memory span to cram works of historians that died long time but they are legends, they say.
For example, a person like Cecil Rhodes with honour he is a replica of a true StatesMan I was taught. But his bloody hands slayed Africans in South Africa more than Hitler’s Holocaust in Germany. Cecil Rhodes’ scholarship foundation as celebrated world wide for a black man to acquire education. This is how demonic education is!

Before, I deviate from the matter. I get irked when I see a sober person underpaying someone who has wasted their entire time studying Canadian piarries, China or Mississippi River but they can’t even sketch the map of their home country, which patriotism is that?

The education sector in Uganda needs to be refurbished actually it needs to be revised.

The Uganda we live in is like a homestead of copy cats, we see something from the developed countries and we also claim or made to believe it is right for us to embrace, let us save ourselves from this kind of embarrassment.

All the 7 years in Primary, 6 years in Secondary and 3 years at university (7+6+3=16 years at school) at the end of the road you are subjected to little or no pay.
I think the employers look at how desperate we are they then cow-horn us like the Ngoni (if they truly existed even) and exploit our weaknesses.



This lifestyle is not only in journalism as a profession but it canopy up the notch starting from the implementer of the wrong policies to the roots of a poor man trying to educate his or her child.

The high institutional fees even in the UPE and USE keep my head at the state of quagmire. When you look at the illiterate rates in Uganda they are still high and the poor man is only left with one thing steal to survive or else the economy is not mothered by you.

Even the lucky ones to acquire that education wear that strike gown (graduation gowns) are confused. Someone educated for 16 years is fit to start to be a road vendor, because life is raping and defiling his capabilities. It is not that jobs are not their, they could be there (maybe or maybe not) but how tribal conflicts makes us unfortunate, how talented and well versed with content but your sir name betrays you. This how inclined our system is. You need to learn a certain language for you to be upheld as eligible opponent for that job.

You even reach a moment and say, does this degree really matter? (This how abreast our minds keep willy-nilly into nitwit arguments and state conferencing).
The agony, the pains, the pressure, the expectations, the failures. You narrate all this inscribed onto oneself with a perfect perception all will be okay. But hey, nothing is okay. Do y’all wake and start abusing Sheila for speaking out?

A poor man employed by a boss who earns more than 10M but he earns less than 400,000 and he has mouths to feed, rent to pay and fees to pay. This relationship is highly significant. At every ounce of heart beat, there is a higher dependence burden in every household BUT the implementer can’t really tally such oblivious unemployment rate.

Even the informal sector (Technical institutes) that allow apprentices, these days someone questions your papers and queries your experience. This is how far we have reached.



This loud silence keeps on scorching us terribly in our minds.

Maybe one day, we shall also tell such stories of our hardships but we made it, maybe if (impossible if not) all goes to calmness.

This storm that keeps us at the sea of thoughts, keep capsizing and makes us drown, try all odds of jobs. A professional doctor, engineer is now a bar tender or DJ. I wouldn’t blame anyone that deviated if all they can gain is peanut pay from ungrateful people. But even creatives where such people are running to, they are undervalued and they have no proper organization that keeps matters cocked. This caliber of life keeps woozy!
Even creatives are undervalued. So you wonder, should I acquire education or leave education? (Juxtaposing success is really hectic). At the end of the road even roses have thorns.

It doesn’t matter how you forge your way to the apex. Whether educated or uneducated all I can truly say is make it a Do or Die attitude vision to achieve your dreams.
No one will ask you how you made it, they will ask you, can I get some signature for this project? That is how serene life is, it is rocky, filled with hailstones, betrayals, rejections. But the heart possesses and confesses Love. Love for happiness leads to happiness.


In the nutshell, sometimes our education system is pseudo and it needs to be organized to avoid unfairness.

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