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Are you looking for how to create a WhatsApp account to send and receive messages securely?

Simple as it may seem, creating a WhatsApp account can be quite confusing especially if you are just a beginner.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and secure ways to communicate over the internet and this has been made possible due to its encryption which makes your calls and messages via the application secure.

The messaging platforms supports group text messages, voice calls and even videos calls.

And the best part is that you can create an account on the platform using any mobile device with an active internet connection.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create a WhatsApp account.

How do I create a new WhatsApp account?

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Now tap Agree and Continue at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click Continue on the pop –up
  4. Tap Allow on both boxes to grant WhatsApp access to your files and contacts
  5. Enter your phone number
  6. Tap OK to confirm the number you entered

That’s how to create a WhatsApp account.

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1. You need to have the WhatsApp application installed on your device before you create an account.

If you haven’t already installed WhatsApp for iOS or WhatsApp for Android, make sure you download and start the application.

This is the first step when creating a WhatsApp account.

2. Once you open the application for the first time, you will be prompted to agree to the platform’s terms and conditions of service.

3. Now enter your mobile phone number. This will the primary mode of communication on the messaging platform.

The mobile phone number will be associated with your WhatsApp account.

On WhatsApp, you are identified by your mobile phone number as opposed to usernames on other popular messaging platforms like Facebook.

You will also be able to identify other members on WhatsApp using their mobile phone numbers.

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4. After you enter the number you want associated with your WhatsApp account, WhatsApp will then send a verification code via a text message to verify your number.

This usually arrives almost immediately.

For those using iPhone, you should automatically find the code and enter it with a single tap.

You can also open your messaging app, copy the code to your clipboard, return to WhatsApp and then paste it into WhatsApp.

5. Now you can enter your names and also add a picture to your profile.

Once you are done, tap “Done”.

That’s how to create a WhatsApp account. It’s a very simple process.

You can now receive and send messages as well as calls on the messaging platform.

Pro tip: The phone number that you register and associate with WhatsApp doesn’t have to be the number on the phone where you installed the app. You can register a different number so long as you have access to that phone number so you can receive the verification message on it and then enter it into the WhatsApp application.

You don’t need an active cellular plan on your device to use WhatsApp, you can use Wi-Fi to access WhatsApp so long as you have an account.

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WhatsApp can be a very convenient and affordable means of communication especially when traveling abroad where your local telecom service provider may not be able to reach.

And the best part is that the steps on how to create a WhatsApp account are very easy to implement.

With WhatsApp, you can keep in touch with your friends and family even when you are billions of miles away.

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