How to pay OTT Tax on Airtel Uganda

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Are you wondering how you can pay for OTT tax on Airtel Uganda?

If you just answered “Yes” to the above question, then please continue reading.

Paying OTT tax on Airtel Uganda is easier than you think.

A lot has changed since the government introduced the social media tax back in 2016.

Since its inception, one cannot access social media platforms without paying the OTT tax.

The tax was met with resistance from many Ugandans with majority opting to boycott the OTT tax.

In this blog post I will be sharing how to pay OTT tax on Airtel Uganda step by step.

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So let’s dove right in.

There are basically two ways to pay OTT tax on Airtel Uganda.

One involves paying for only OTT tax while the other involves paying for both OTT tax and data bundles together.

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How to pay OTT tax on Airtel Uganda

1. To pay OTT tax on Airtel network simply dial *185*2#

how to pay OTT tax on Airtel Uganda

2. Then select option 5 (OTT Service Tax)

how to pay OTT tax on airtel network

3. Select option 1 (For Self) or option 2 (For others) if you are paying the OTT tax for another number.

airtel ott bundle

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4. You will then select the OTT package you would like to pay.

The package includes the daily OTT tax (Ugshs 200), weekly OTT tax (Ugshs 1400) or the monthly OTT tax (Ugshs 600). You can also opt for the quarterly or annual OTT tax pack.

how to check ott balance on airtel

5. Once you have selected your OTT tax package, you can then confirm the transaction by entering your Airtel Mobile Money pin code.

how to borrow ott on airtel

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You will then receive a confirmation message shortly indicating that you have successfully paid your OTT tax on Airtel Uganda.

So that is how to pay OTT tax on Airtel network


If you have any questions or would like further assistance to ay OTT tax on Airtel Uganda please let me know in the comments below.

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