100 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Did you know that you could increase your typing speed by over 200% if you started using keyboard shortcuts? Here are 100 Keyboard shortcuts any computer user should know.

Keyboard shortcuts
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Did you know that you could increase your typing speed by over 200% if you started using keyboard shortcuts?

The truth is many of us struggle to type fast on our computers.

According to statistics, the average worker spends nearly 4 hours per day writing email and other communication.

The average typing speed is 33 words per minute.

That’s just one word about every two seconds.

This shows you just how difficult it can be to type really fast.

This slow speed at typing leaves many people throwing away a lot of money to freelancers and other so called computer wizards to do work that you could actually do yourself.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

The truth is your typing speed is not going to miraculously increase overnight just because you started using keyboard shortcuts.

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But you can be sure that with time you will notice an increase in your productivity as you type faster using keyboard shortcuts on your computer.

Using these important shortcuts will not increase your overall productivity while using your computer but also give the impression that you a computer pro.

I have included some basic keyboard shortcuts that you may have seen somewhere and also advanced keyboard shortcuts that you may not have probably known existed on your computer.

Basic Important Keyboard shortcuts you must know

Keyboard ShortcutBasic functionApplication
Ctrl + ZUndo previous changesAny computer application
Ctrl + WCloses (Exit) current WindowFolders, Files & computer applications
Alt + F4Closes (Exit) current WindowFolders, Files & computer applications
Ctrl + ASelect AllFolders, Files & computer applications
Alt + TabSwitch windowFolders, Files & computer applications

Navigation shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutBasic functionApplication
Win + DShow or hide desktop Without closing windowsAny computer application
Win + Left/Right arrowSnap Window (Minimize open window either on left or right)Folders, Files & computer applications
Win + TabOpen the task view of all running applicationsFolders, Files & computer applications
Tab and Shift + TaMove backward/forward through optionsFolders, Files & computer applications
Ctrl + EscOpen the Start menuFolders, Files & computer applications

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Advanced Important Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutBasic functionApplication
F2Rename a file or FolderFolders, Files & computer applications
F5RefreshFolders, Files & computer applications
Win + LLock your computerFolders, Files & computer applications
Win + IOpen SettingsFolders, Files & computer applications
Win + AOpen up Action Center (Control panel)Folders, Files & computer applications
Win + SSearch WindowFolders, Files & computer applications
Win + PrtScnSave a ScreenshotFolders, Files & computer applications
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task ManagerFolders, Files & computer applications
Win + CStart talking to CortanaComputer digital assistant.
Win + Ctrl + DAdds a new virtual DesktopFolders, Files & computer applications
Win + XOpen hidden menuFolders, Files & computer applications

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Using keyboard shortcuts will not only increase your typing speed by over 200% but also improve on your productivity.

It is important to note that your typing speed will not magically improve over night but as you practice using these keyboard shortcuts daily, you will notice better performance in your typing speed.

Have you started using keyboard shortcuts when typing on tour computer?

Is there any keyboard shortcut that I may have left out?

Let me know in the comments section right now!

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